Illustrations for Bowmore's Year of the Dragon packaging; 15 and 18-year single malt editions.
Mastering a craft is the hardest journey of all. The secret lies not in talent, luck, or good fortune – but in the unwavering will to persevere. This limited-edition packaging mirrors the hard-won success of Bowmore – a master craftsman of Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky – with an old Chinese tale of perseverance.

“The Carp Leaps Over The Dragon’s Gate (鲤跃龙门)” 

It tells of a humble carp's daring odyssey to the Dragon's Gate on top of a fierce waterfall. Along with countless others, the carp swims against the turbulent waves cascading from above, and patiently ascends - against all odds, it takes the final leap! With a miraculous transformation, the once-humble carp emerges as a mighty dragon.

The unboxing experience of the pack echoes the concept of transformation. While the story of the ascent unfolds on the outside, the inside of the box reveals the triumphant dragon, looming above a single malt scotch perfected over centuries of refinement.
Illustrator: Kenn Lam
Executive Creative Director: Sharim Gubbels
Senior Art Director: Janath Gamage
Senior Copywriter: Ravindu Wilegoda
Junior Art Director/Calligrapher: Nicholas Leong
Group Account Director: Adela Andrei
Senior Account Manager: Syazwani Soenar
Senior Planner: Teng Fon Wong
Head of Print Production: Jackie Lim
Print Manager: Joice Lee
Senior Retoucher: Richy Haryadi
CGI Supervisor: Vojislav Milanovic
Design Director: Justin Jam
3D Designer: Caecilia Halim
Creative Services Manager: Callista Koh
Photography: Teo Studio
HH Global: Pack Production
Agency: Leo Burnett

Happy Lunar New Year!  恭喜发财!
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