Shadowbox theatre of a ficticious play about mosquitoes, constructed with Aluvision Silver paper.
“Summer has unleashed its deadliest agents onto you. Enter the world of Mozzie Menace with Saunapore’s very own Blistered Feet Symphony, taking you through a spectacle of torment. Amidst the scorching heat, witness the raw emotions of a fateful summer, where every sting leaves an indelible mark. Brace yourself for a profound theatrical experience, as we delve into the bitter depths of the human spirit.”
An exploration that showcases my passion for costume design, inspired by the captivating works of Erté from the early 1900s. The allure of this era lies in its pre-cinematic dominance, allowing stage productions to flourish with unparalleled creativity and competition.
Interestingly, I chose to channel this fascination into expressing my disdain for mosquitoes; aligning with my tendency to confront and study things I passionately dislike, with the hope of understanding and overcoming their impact on me.
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