I was commissioned by London’s inaugural East/South East Asian Literature Festival–in partnership with Foyles London–to deliver an artwork for visitors of the festival to display their favourite ESEA book suggestions. The catch was to produce a piece which would not be diminished by a myriad of post-it notes.

I chose the idea of a dreamscape tree, of which every suggestion could be a fruit by way of circular post-it notes.
An early version of the illustration which was previously conceived for "No One Bites The Dust Bunny: A Waking Dream" a risograph exhibition organised by Knuckles & Notch, Singapore.

Here is its write-up:

Progress, Regress is an exploration of my personal crossroads, specifically; the internal dialogue of past, present and future. It is a visualisation of the tension between the grounding but sometimes encumbering past and the hopeful but unknowable future through lucid and surreal imagery - bringing a universality to an experience not uncommon among the overthinkers, ruminators and frantics of the world.

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